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David Galea
David Galea

Hi, I'm a photographer and drone pilot. I love searching for the incredible moment to be captured. Aero photograph is my especially

Drones are also likely to play a major role in insurance in the years ahead. In this industry, there are a number of ways that drones can increase efficiency.

Aerial view on damaged red single house roof after strong wind or explosion. Hole in the rooftop and floor. Rubble on the ground.

In insurance, drone photography can be used to gather data before a risk is insured. For example, drones can capture images of a property prior to the insurance company providing cover. Aerial site assessments are very helpful in terms of identifying unique property features, and the precise photos that drones are able to take can help improve the claims process and mitigate fraud.

Remove Risk of Injury. Using specialised drone equipment to conduct roof inspections eliminates risk to the manual inspections.

Drones can also play a key role in natural disaster monitoring. For instance, in the event of a hurricane, a drone can provide feedback on the extent of the damage long before the area is safe for humans. In the days following Hurricane Harvey in 2017, drones performed many critical tasks to evaluate the damage.

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