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Photography and videography

David Galea
David Galea

Hi, I'm a photographer and drone pilot. I love searching for the incredible moment to be captured. Aero photograph is my especially

Drones have also been a major development within the photography space in recent years as they have revolutionised photography & filming. Drones are fitted with advanced technology including high resolution cameras and image stabilisation systems, drones have become an important tool for photographers as they enable the capture of unique viewpoints.

And drone photography and filming is used in a wide range using small aircraft or helicopters. However, now they can be captured with drone technology at a fraction of the cost. Similarly, drone photography and filming is now frequently used for live sporting events. Fox Sports, for example, regularly uses drone footage at football and baseball matches to provide an enhanced experience for viewers. Drone footage is also very effective for golf coverage as it can provide viewers with a birds-eye view of the course. Cinematographers are also finding increasingly creative ways to use drone technology.

Aerial view of Sydney Central Business District skyscrapers against blue sky on the background. Urban landscape view from above. NSW, Australia

Aerial photography & aerial videography, has enabled people to get a complete overview of the site of construction. From mapping and planning, documenting to the ultimate monitoring of worksite activities. Essentially help in monitoring widespread constructions, in very less time, saving a huge amount of expenses. These facilities there are multiple aspects in which drone services inspect, such as appropriate construction tenders, risk management, marketing and promotion.

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