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Benefits of using an aerial photographer?

Updated: Feb 29

Lowers the risk and cost of insurance for equipment and public liability aerial drone photography services are conducted in a fraction of the time which reduces time on site required to complete a job task.

Why hire a aerial photographer ?

Reducing total spend expenses. Not only can drones eliminate other expensive machines such as Helicopters, Elevating work platforms, Cranes. They also reduce workplace safety and stress, such as a roof inspection reducing slips and falls. They can make aerial photography easier and cheaper to utilize a aerial photogrpaher.

Area Approvals

Sometimes area approvals will need to be requested through (CASA) and other government departments depending on the job location. As a CASA licensed operator, Droneable is able to fly almost anywhere in Australia. There are areas which will need careful planning and may require an exemption from the governing authority in order to be deemed a safe operation. Areas include populated areas such as restricted, danger areas and close to proximity to airports.





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